Our Vision

To create sustainable life changing opportunities for our communities

Our Mission

To Empower men, women and
children by creating opportunities
through sustainable clean energy

Our Address

All In Trade Foundation
Walusimbi’s Garage Building
Plot 13/15, Dewinton Rise
P.O. Box 35522 Kampala, Uganda

Read about who we are

All In Trade Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization that supports communities in their transition to a sustainable energy future and serves as the principal platform for technology, resource, and financial knowledge on renewable energy. All In Trade foundation promotes the widespread adoption and sustainable use of solar renewable energy in the pursuit of sustainable development, energy access, energy security, and low-carbon economic growth and prosperity.

At All In Trade Foundation, we aim to contribute to societal goals of charitable nature by engaging and supporting volunteering practices. We exist to serve alongside these marginalized communities, while also serving our planet as stewards of a carbon-neutral and prosperous future for all.

We do this by working within a network of talented local partners and remote energy-poor communities to develop affordable and innovative renewable energy solutions that service families living without any means of safe and reliable power. Uganda is richly endowed with natural resources. In terms of energy, the country has
abundant biomass, including large quantities of non-woody biomass, as well as peat and water resources. It also enjoys ideal solar, geothermal, and wind energy potential. Water and biomass make the biggest contributions to the energy demands of Uganda’s population.