All in Trade Foundation is currently working in Uganda. With rural organized communities, we will deepen our engagement in some communities in partnership with local governments and the private sector to better understand their economic aspirations. Our focus is to bring about positive transformation to these communities through a chain of clean and sustainable energy solutions to create lasting opportunities for men, women, and children for a better tomorrow. and identify priority sectors for growth i.

We will develop a long-term plan for each community of focus that will:

  • Improve the quality of education so that they equip young people with the skills employers need;
  • Leverage technology to improve food production systems, connect farmers to value markets and improve earning from produce
  • Improve on community health by advocating for clean energy solutions , cost effective lighting solutions and more
  • Advocate for a green future for all by putting in place measures that will preserve our environment

We expect to work in a diverse group of communities with high levels of young people( Men and women) living in rural communities and are in poverty. These communities will have an enabling environment for growth, job creation, education and skills development, and an ability to influence within regions. We will also prioritize working with local goverments