E-Backpack Education Project

All In Trade Foundation will partner with Child Protection Activists to develop a special backpack "e-backpack" for school-going children which will be equipped with solar energy-powered equipment like a tablet, reading light, tracking device, and phone/tablet charging system.

Solar Powered Food Drying Project

All In Trade Foundation together with other stakeholders will partner with the local community of kangulumila (Eastern Uganda) to establish a modern solar powered food drying plant. This will reduce wastage of harvest surplus, allow storage for food shortages, and in some cases facilitate export to high-value markets. Drying makes produce lighter, smaller and less likely to get spoilt.

Empowering Female Green Entrepreneurs

All In Trade Foundation hopes to work with small firms and close gender gaps and increase women’s participation in the renewable energy sector, which can help companies improve their business performance, foster innovation, attract more talent, and engage better with communities. It will also create more economic opportunities for women.